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Meet the Haddons

Paul and his family_Paul Haddon Driving

To let Paul focus on his pupils and deliver the highest standard of driving tuition, Paul has sought a little help from some of his family to assist with the 'not as interesting' company nitty-gritty.

Meet our family and take a look at what parts we play to help our super dad...

Paul "The man himself"

Driving Instructor

Paul_Paul Haddon Driving

Without further ado, meet Paul!

Forming his company from years of experience on the road, Paul begins his 2016 with a bang, that's already shaping up to be the most exciting year of his career yet.

He was originally inspired to become a driving instructor through his zeal to make a real difference to people's lives. Not to mention he could make a first-hand contribution to making the roads a safer place for all motorists—something Paul is particularly passionate about.

Now he's able to pass on his driving knowledge and excellence to others, whilst teaching them the importance of safe driving for life.

Sarah "Paul's wife"

Administration support

Sarah_Paul Haddon Driving

Meet Sarah!

Married for 37 years, Sarah and Paul are highschool sweethearts with two children and a granddaughter.

From bookings and enquiries to crunching numbers, Sarah provides the 'behind the scenes' back-seat support, assisting with administrative duties to give Paul more time to spend with his pupils.

Dan "Paul's son"

Marketing and Creative

Dan_Paul Haddon Driving

Meet Dan!

Dan is Paul's youngest child and with digital marketing and graphic design experience under his belt, Dan takes the reins on all marketing and creative duties involved with Paul Haddon Driving.

With the recent launch of the company, Dan has been busy helping his dad to build a brand and develop his marketing and online assests.

Paul is a true family man; one incredible husband, son, father and grandfather, and all of his family wish him the very best on his new and exciting venture.

Paul and his family (son Dan, wife Sarah, Paul and daughter Laura)


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